Aashima Goyal

Beloved Daughter, Sister and Friend


I really wish that I remain with you in my spirits and help you sail through comfortably and with fun.

I will do all to make you happy whenever you are sad and need me.

Please fill in the brief Form below and you will be in my friends' list for ever. You may write to me at aashima@goyal.com.au, share your happiness and sorrow, and I will tell that to God. I may not be able to reply as you know we do not have internet here but we do have a much faster system to connect with you, and that is through thoughts, and this system is free and never goes offline.

If you Connect to me by filling in the Form below, I will share special occasions, my memories and any events etc. with you via email facilitated through my Dad's IT Support Team in his company.

Please be rest assured that any emails to me from you will be treated strictly confidential as your personal communication with me and even Dad's Office will not have access to that.

In loving memories,
Aashima Goyal
... A friend for ever!

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