Aashima Goyal

Beloved Daughter, Sister and Friend


Farewell by my Dad


Farewell by B. K Phillippa


Om Shanti


Farewell from my friend Pavithra Ravindran


Aashima was one of my closest friends. She wasn’t only a friend, but a sister. Someone who was constantly there and never denied anything. If you ask her group of friends, she was never unhappy, always smiling and always trying to see the bright side of every situation.
She was one of the most caring and giving person I have ever met. If you needed her or if you didn’t need her, it didn’t matter – she would always be there.
For anyone who has been touched by her presence, you would know she added the joy and happiness into everything. No matter what she had going on personally she would put it all behind her and focus on just you and everything you were going through.
On behalf of me and my friends, thankyou for always being there.
Thankyou for always making us smile,
Thankyou for everything.
Today I lose a friend of 9 years, and for my group, they’ve lost a friend of 5 years. Something that will remain irreplaceable.
I will always remember you are watching us from above.
You will always be here.
You will be missed.
We love you.

Farewell from my friend Jasmine Bhatia

These words are for you my beautiful girl, spoken straight from my heart.

Aashima, for me you were the embodiment of happiness, a picture of youthfulness and a person full of unconditional love.
You made friends with anyone who crossed your short-lived path and dedicated yourself so willingly to others around you.

I truly cherished our friendship from the first day we met, to the last day I hugged you goodbye. Even now, trying to imagine a life without you doesn’t get me far.
I’ll miss your smile and your cheeky giggles, the comfort of your presence and your warm hugs every time we would meet like long lost friends. I’ll miss the endless talks we would have on the bus, sometimes wishing the ride was longer. How you used to lend me your shoulder to rest on when I was tired, and I would lend you mine.

But these are only some of the sweetest memories that I can hold on to. Because I’ll never be able to hug you again, to see you smile, to make you smile, to talk to you about life. You were taken too soon.
I know that wherever you are, you’re somewhere wonderful doing wonderful things.

To the family, I offer the condolences and support from everyone here today and also those who could not be here, during this delicate time of grieving.

Aashima, I will never forget you. I will love you forever my friend… my sister.

Farewell from my friend Janelle Singh

They say friends are the family that you choose… and this was no exception. From the time we met on the bus during our first week of university I knew that Aashima was someone different and much like myself couldn’t stop talking through the whole ride to uni. She was such a bubbly and bright person that she became contagious to be around. I stand here today proud to be friends with such a beautiful person who was less a friend but more so a sister for me. There are so many things that I will treasure forever such as your critical reviews on every food outlet in Wollongong.
I’m going to miss so many things about you such as your complaining about how much study we have to do yet never got around to any of it, your constant encouragement and support for everything I wanted to achieve. You were always there when I just needed to talk to someone without any judgement and would accept me for the person that I am.
Aashima I know you’re here today with us in spirit and I just want to say I love you and I’m going to miss you dearly. You have taught me so much about life, to be more carefree and not to worry about what others think but to do what makes us happy in life. You will always be my closest friend, and hold a special place in my heart.

Poem from my friend and colleague - M.R. 

Beloved Aashima,

You brought sunshine into our lives with your smile.

So we keep your heartbeat

Tucked inside our sleeves.

You are still here with us.

We keep your heartbeat tucked inside our sleeves.

We let your memory channel down our arms

Stopping, at the red light of our palms.

Your memory ebbs and flows

To the tip of our toes.

No more electricity runs through them anymore.

But peace to you,

Our beloved daughter.

Our friend,

Our little sister.

May you be at peace

Now and Forever.

Poem from Phillippa


 A family is a gift from God,

A family is a special pod.

Like a pod of peas, but each one different, unique,

And sealed at the season’s peak.


For what do we strive? For what do we yearn?

It’s the love of a family, the best place to learn.

It’s our nature, a family, a closeness we need,

It’s a feeling we have, an inner voice we must heed.


A family – a unit – it moves with the tides,

It has the strength of an ocean, yet gentleness abides.

A family has love – it’s honest and true,

And a family gives help so you don’t feel blue.


You can be by yourself whenever you like,

But you can come and be welcome, fully trusted, no fright.

A family’s a weapon against all that is bad,

And a family’s a haven when our dreams all seem mad.


A family’s protection, a comfort, it calls,

Oh come weary traveler, come enter our doors.

We’ll feed you, you’ll rest and then you’ll recover

And we’ll help you along with what YOU need to discover.


A family, it’s vibrant with so many colours,

It attracts and it pulls like a magnet to others.

Its grown-ups and children all wrapped into one

And the aura it spreads can outshine the sun.


A family’s a winner in a land full of toil,

A family can train you in how to be royal.

A family has riches beyond our perception,

And the jewels can be worn, no thoughts of deception.


A family has members who all pay their dues,

But it’s not through some force, it’s because they all choose.

They choose to partake and … give .., and just … give,

No thoughts of reward, yet in reward they will live.

Farewell Pictures (Sydney, Australia - 1 October 2015)

Farewell Pooja at Brahma Sarovar (Kurukshetra, India - 7 October 2015)

Farewell Hawan  (Kurukshetra, India - 7 October 2015)

Farewell Pictures (Kurukshetra, India - 7 October 2015)

Farewell Donation of Cow and female calf at Gita Dham (Kurukshetra, India - 8 October 2015)

Farewell Donation of Fridge at Swargasham (Kurukshetra, India - 13 October 2015)